View Past Inspections

In this sub-section, you view the records of beehive inspections that you have carried out. It enables you to review events, track progress and anticipate needs in your beekeeping operation. BeeKeepPal apiary management software provides you with a search tool for faster retrieval of past inspections. To view past inspections, navigate to the Inspections section and expand it to view its sub-sections. Click on View Past Inspections in the menu that shows under the Inspections section. A page titled Past Inspections opens in the main display area of the Apiary Dashboard. It has a search bar at the middle of the title bar, and an Add Inspection button at the left end of the title bar.

Under the title bar, inspections you have already done and recorded onto BeeKeepPal are listed. Each inspection is on a distinct display panel of its own. They are titled in smaller headings as Inspection for [Beehive Name] on [Date]. The inspection is then designated as completed or not completed. In each display panel for a respective beehive inspection, you view information such as the person who carried out the inspection, weather conditions during the inspection, hive condition, queen sighting, and signs of parasites among other information.

On the top right corner of the display panel holding an individual inspection record there are three (3) vertically stacked dots. They give you additional options for management of these beehive inspection records.