Task List

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See tasks in your BeeKeepPal calendar in list form, with the name of task, beehive for task, assigned persons to carry out the task, start date and end date of the task. Its default view is a listing of the 4 tasks that you have planned to carry out a date furthest from the current date. Each task has a checkbox preceding its name. If the task is incomplete, the checkbox is filled with white color. When the task is completed, the checkbox is filled with pink color and a checked with a ‘tick’ mark. If you check the checkbox, it gets filled with pink color, and checked with a tick mark, and its details updated to a completed task. This list displays tasks arranged by start date. A tasked planned for a day whose date is far from the current date is high on the list, while a task planned for a day whose date is close to the current date is low on the list.