Customer Portal

Customer Portal Dashboard

  Log in to your account and go to the Customer Portal. Here you see your Billing History, Subscriptions, Addresses, Account Details, can access Support services and are able to log out of the software. You are able to edit details...

Billing History

Your billing history records are displayed here. The page shows you a record of all the instances when BeeKeepPal has billed you in the past.


In this section of the customer portal, you are able to view subscriptions that you have made on BeeKeepPal.


Here, you see the billing addresses that will be used with your account, as added onto the software.

Payment Methods

A view of all the payment methods you have added to BeeKeepPal and which can be used when making payments.


Click on the Support menu item to display a page through which you contact the BeeKeepPal support desk. On the page are several fields for inputting information. You then submit this in a ticket to the support desk. BeeKeepPal has a very...


This lets you log out of your BeeKeepPal account after you finish whatever apiary management activities you were doing.