Add a task to your schedule by clicking on this sub-section. It opens a page titled Add Task to Schedule. Various fields are on the page. They are input fields through which you enter data to create a new task.

Start filling the input fields by inputting a Task Title. Move to the next input fields and input the personnel who will carry out the task, the beehive on which the task will be carried out, equipment used to carry out the task, a start date and end date for the task, and lastly input any additional details you may want to include for the task. You must fill in the fields marked by an asterisk to successfully create a new task and add it to the list of tasks in your schedule section.

The task title is entered in text form. It has a dropdown menu of tasks you can choose from, or you can add your own unique task title. Keep your Task Title length to 32 characters. If it has more than 32 characters, the task will not be added successfully. Personnel, Beehive and Equipment fields have dropdown menus from which you select options. You can select more than one personnel for the task, a number of equipment items to be used in carrying out the task, and only one beehive to be associated with the task.

When entering the dates, you also select the time of day for the task. The date is made easy to select from a calendar. Click on the calendar icon in the respective date entry field to view a pop-up calendar from which you select a day. The pop-up calendar displays the current month of the current year. It circles the current day (today) for your easy identification. Use arrows at the top right corner of the pop-up calendar to view the previous month, or the next month. BeeKeepPal software automatically enters the date of the selected day into the respective date field in the required MM/DD/YY format. In the time entry fields, click on the various fields to enter the time manually, or click on the clock face icon to call up a pop-up clock face. On the clock face, select the hour of day, then the minutes. If you make an error, click on the upper section of the clock face where the hours are indicated. It allows you to select the hour again. Drag the minute hand to your exact desired time when selecting the minutes. Next, choose AM or PM on the upper right end of the pop-up clock face. When you are satisfied with your time selection, click on OK in the bottom right corner of the pop-up clock face.

Additional details you want included in the task information are entered in a large text entry field at the lower end of the display panel.

Be sure you have input all necessary details, in the required fields marked by asterisks and in the Additional Details field if you have any. If you are satisfied with the inputs, click on the Add Task button at the bottom left corner of the Add Task to Schedule display panel. The task is added to your list of scheduled tasks, and you are shown a green pop-up notification at the bottom of the display screen informing you that the task has been added successfully.