Suppliers are a valuable backbone of your beekeeping operation. You cannot ignore the important role they play by providing you with the inputs you require to run the operation successfully. Both small and large beekeeping operations work with suppliers of various kinds. Suppliers vary by size from large business entities that can deliver large amounts of an item to small retailers that are only capable of providing a few items at a time. Whatever their size maybe, properly managing your supplies part of the beekeeping operation is a crucial function. BeeKeepPal recognizes this and provides you with an easy way to keep a close eye on that end of affairs. The Suppliers sub-section under the Company main section provides you with all the tools you need to manage suppliers in an easy, timely and efficient manner.

When you click on the Suppliers sub-section menu item, you are shown a display page titled Company Suppliers. On the far right end of the title bar, there is an Add Supplier button. After the title of the display page, there is a search field for easy sorting through the many records you have of all the people supplying various beekeeping requirements to your operation. Below the search bar is a table-like listing of all the suppliers you have added to your company as recorded on BeeKeepPal. They are listed in rows with columns of the table denoting various details unique to each supplier. These include the company name of the supplier, the name of the contact person at that company, an email address, phone number, website of the company, names of the items they have supplied you with, a copy of the contract you have with them, and additional action buttons for managing the records of respective suppliers. In each row listing a supplier, you find the Send Message to Supplier, Edit Supplier and Delete Supplier action buttons they are at the extreme right end of each row. These action buttons are represented by various relevant icons; mail envelope, pen and dustbin respectively.

In their rows on the Company Suppliers display page, the recorded suppliers are listed in a row. They are arranged by default in ascending chronological order so that the supplier you added last appears at the bottom of the list.