Send Message to Supplier

Communicate directly and seamlessly with your various suppliers right from the BeeKeepPal dashboard. This is great for follow up and to ask for more supplies. BeeKeepPal enables you to send an email to your supplier any time you wish to. Click on the mail envelope icon named Send Message to Supplier. It brings up a pop-up panel named Email Supplier [Name of Supplier]. The panel has only two (2) input fields.

Enter the subject of the email and the message you want to send in their respective input fields. When you are done and sure the email is right, click on the Send message button at the bottom right area of the pop-up panel. In a short while you receive a green pop-up message confirming you were successful in sending the message.

If you are not sure and want to stop the process, click on the Cancel button at the bottom right corner of the pop-up panel. You can also stop the process by clicking on the X close button at the top right corner of the Email Supplier pop-up panel.

Your supplier receives a nicely written email when you are successful in this process. They see your BeeKeepPal company name, the company logo before reaching the message of the email. They then see the name of the sender in the foot of the email. The email is clearly marked that it is sent by you, through the BeeKeepPal premier apiary management software.