Delete an Inspection

You might want to delete a beehive inspection from your BeeKeepPal records. Your reason(s) for doing this should be carefully analyzed because deleting a past inspection from BeeKeepPal is irreversible action. There are also obvious reasons which do not need much thought such as erroneously making a double entry resulting in two similar beehive inspections for one beehive on the same day and time. It is understandable and prudent to delete one of the beehive inspections. To delete a past beehive inspection, identify the inspection on the Past Inspections display page. It is accessed by expanding the Inspections section of the left Sidebar Menu and then clicking on View Past Inspections. Once you have identified the inspection you want to delete, click on the three (3) vertically stacked dots at the top right corner of the inspection’s display panel. On the dropdown menu that appears from the three (3) dots, click on Delete option. The display page gets darkened out and a pop-up titled Remove Inspection is displayed. If you wish to stop, click on the Cancel button in the bottom right corner of the Remove Inspection pop-up display, or click on the X close button at the top right corner of the pop-up display. If you still wish to remove the inspection, proceed by clicking on the Yes button in the bottom right area of the Remove Inspection pop-up display. You then receive a confirmation message telling you that the inspection has been successfully removed.