Delete Beehive

When you remove a beehive from your beekeeping operation, it is best to delete it from BeeKeepPal too. Even then, be mindful that deleting a beehive from BeeKeepPal is not reversible. To delete a beehive, navigate to the View Beehives sub-section. On the display page, scroll or search for the beehive you want to remove. Once you have found it, click on the three (3) vertically stacked dots at the top right corner of the respective beehive’s display panel. A dropdown menu is shown with the third option being Delete. Click on this Delete option to start the process of removing a beehive from BeeKeepPal. It blacks out the rest of the display page and shows a Remove Beehive pop-up panel. On the panel, click on Yes if you are sure you need to remove the beehive. Wait for a confirmation pop-up telling you the removal was successful. If you wish to abort the removal process, click no Cancel on the bottom right corner of the Remove Beehive pop-up panel. You may also abort the process by clicking on the X close button on the top right corner of the Remove Beehive pop-up panel.