Keep track of your customers using this BeeKeepPal feature. It is a sub-section of your Company main section in the Apiary Dashboard left sidebar menu. Click on the sub-section name on the sidebar menu to view a list of all your company customers. The list is displayed on a page titled Company Customers. In the right hand end of the title bar of the page is an Add Customer button. Use it to add customers to your records on BeeKeepPal. The customers feature helps you to easily track those that bought your products or services. You can then contact them for more purchases, or to get feedback about their purchase as well as conduct other relevant follow-up activities.

On the Company Customers page, the list of customers you have is listed on a distinct display panel. By default, BeeKeepPal arranges the records by date and time of addition. Older customers that you added earlier are at the top of the list, whereas new customers you recently added are at the lower end of the list. These records are in a table-like arrangement, with each record sitting in its own row. Columns of the table show you the Customer name, email address, phone number, product and/or service they purchased from you and the contract you have with them. You can view the contract in your browser or using the relevant document reader you have on the device on which you are accessing BeeKeepPal.

At the right hand end of each row containing a customer listing, there are additional action icons. These give you more functions and enable management of customer records. Each listed customer record has the action buttons on its row. They work for the respective customer record only. The action buttons are Send Message to Customer, Edit Customer and Delete Customer.