Add Supplier

Add new suppliers to your BeeKeepPal company records when setting up your account and when you work with a new supplier. This way, your records of suppliers stays updated all the time. To add a supplier, navigate to the Company Suppliers display page. At the top right end of the title bar, there is an Add Supplier button. Click on it to get a pop-up panel with fields for information input. It is titled Add New Supplier at its top left corner. The fields in the panel are for you to input information details about the supplier you want to add to your BeeKeepPal records. Input correct data and with as much detail as you can. You may also upload a copy of the contract between you and the supplier if you have it in TXT, PDF or DOC format. Once you are finished inputting all the correct information you have about the supplier, click on the Add Supplier button at the bottom right section of the pop-up panel. If you are successful, you shorty get a green confirmation pop-up with the message that adding the supplier was successful. If you wish to cancel adding the supplier at any time, click on the Cancel button at the bottom right corner of the Add New Supplier pop-up panel. You may also close the panel to stop the process by clicking on the X close button at the top right corner of the Add New Supplier pop-up panel.