Honeybee colonies have one queen bee in them. She primarily lays eggs in the beehive and releases pheromones to bind the colony of honeybees together. Queen bees are replaced through natural processes in the hive when they get old, sick or if they die. Beekeepers also replace queen bees to improve genetics of the hive and to prevent colony decline when the queen bee is old and cannot lay as many eggs as needed to keep up the hive population of honeybees. When you replace a queen bee or add a new one into a beehive, you should record it in your BeeKeepPal account.

To add a queen bee to a beehive in the software, navigate to the Beehives section on the BeeKeepPal Apiary Dashboard Sidebar Menu. Expand the Beehives section and then click on the Add Queen subsection. This opens an Add Beehive Queen page. It allows you to add a queen bee to a beehive in your apiary as recorded on BeeKeepPal. You fill in information into some fields such as the age of the Queen bee, markings and the respective beehive among others. When you are done filling the fields with information, click on the Add Queen to Hive button on the bottom left corner of the display page. Wait for a confirmation pop-up notifying you of having successfully adding the queen bee.