View Calendar

Viewing your calendar is the first sub-section in the Schedule section. It displays a page in the main display area with two (2) panels. The first panel at the top of the page is titled Task Calendar on the left. It has an Add Task button on the right. Clicking on this button takes you to a page where you enter data to add a new task.

The second panel on the View Calendar main display area is titled Scheduled Tasks. It displays a calendar with tasks. Toggle your view of the calendar between one day, a week and a month. This is possible using the three (3) respective buttons on the upper left hand side of the panel. On its right hand side, you can go to the next or previous day, week or month depending on your selected view. This is realized using the two arrows < and > on a button at the upper left of the panel. Next to this button is another button named Today. Clicking on it takes you to the current day, week or month.

One box in the calendar is shaded in a light pink-brown color to highlight it. It is the calendar box corresponding to the current day (today). You see this box if you choose the Day view and then click on Today to view the current day, when you choose the Week view and then click on Today to see the current week, and when you choose the Month view and then you click on Today to see the current month.

Your ‘Day’ view of the calendar is one big field with the day and date at the top. The ‘Week’ view of the calendar gives you a panel with seven (7) columns. Each of the columns represents one day of the week. Viewing the calendar in Month view gives you seven (7) columns and up to six (6) rows to accommodate all the days of the month for one selected month. In every selected view, the Month, or Week or Day is given at the middle of the upper margin of the display panel.

Sunday is the first day of the week in this calendar. In any view you choose, tasks are shown in green color in the box representing the day they are scheduled for. Only the time and title of the task are shown in the calendar box (es). Click on any task to view its details in a pop-up panel titled Task Summary. In this pop-up panel, you see detailed information about the task including the assigned person(s), the beehive associated with the task, equipment for carrying out the task, start and end dates and any additional details entered when the task was created. You are also able to mark the task as completed in the pop-up panel. An Edit Task Details button is provided on this panel. It takes you to a page where you can edit details of the selected task. When you are finished viewing details about a task, close the pop-up panel by clicking on the red Close button at the pop-up’s bottom right corner, or the X button at the pop-up’s top right corner.