Record Revenue

Add income transactions into the records of your BeeKeepPal account using this sub-section of the Financials feature of BeeKeepPal. On the left Sidebar Menu, expand the Financials section and then click on Record Revenue. You may also use the Record Revenue button found on the title bars of the Financial Overview and Best Selling Products display pages.

Revenue is recorded on a Record Revenue page in the BeeKeepPal main display area. The page has a title bar and a display panel under the title bar. The display panel holds several input fields which you need to fill to create a new revenue record. Some of the fields are the sale price, the date you sold the product or service, and the type of revenue. You may also be asked to input associated beehives. When you have input all the information properly, click on the Record Revenue button at the bottom left corner of the display panel. Successfully recording the revenue causes a green confirmation pop-up message to show briefly at the bottom of your display screen.