Products & Services

Use this sub-section of the Company management section to view your company’s products and services. They are displayed on a page titled Company Products & Services. At the extreme right of the title bar, the page has an Add Product/Service button. Use it to add products and services offered by your beekeeping operation.

In the display panel under the title bar, this page displays your services and products in a table listing using their names. They are sorted by the date and time you added them. Columns in the table provide you with details about the listed product or service. The price of the product or service, the stock-keeping unit designation or code you gave respective products or services and additional actions are given. Additional actions at the right-hand end of each row listing a product or service are Edit and Delete. They are represented by icons. Moving your mouse pointer over the respective icon causes text explain the icon to be displayed. Editing action is represented by a pen icon, and the delete action is represented by a dustbin icon.