Generate Production Report

BeeKeepPal has capability to generate reports of various kinds for your offline and online use. These reports make it easy for you to share information about your beekeeping with friends and fellow beekeepers without showing them via the dashboard of your BeeKeepPal account. Other times, you want the reports for your record keeping purposes and to do comparisons. You can generate a production report with the BeeKeepPal Generate Report feature in the Production section of the Sidebar Menu in the Apiary Dashboard. Click on Generate Report to get a page titled Generate Production Report. The page has fields for inputting information and selecting options. They allow you select the type of report you will generate; whether overall or by apiary or beehive. You can then select from apiaries and beehives if you choose to have a detailed report. Next, you enter the period of time which you want the generated report to cover. You do this by means of entering report start and end dates in respective fields. Once you have done this and feel satisfied, click on the Generate Report button at the bottom left corner of the display panel. If you are successful, you will see your browser capture a download and display a PDF file. Do not allow download managers and other such software to manage the download process. The generated report is easy to view using any software that is capable of opening PDF files.