Edit Customer

Change and update the information details of your listed customers on BeeKeepPal using this feature. Only current records work for you, so do not be afraid to edit customer details when they change something about their name, or contacts. You should also update the purchases of returning customers against their existing record. To access this feature, click on the pen icon in the action area of icons at the far right end of the row holding the listed record of the customer of your interest. Upon clicking on the icon, you get a pop-up titled Edit Customer [Customer Name]. The rest of the display page is blacked out and inaccessible. On the Edit Customer pop-up panel, you see the details of your selected customer in editable form. Input fields can take new information and you can delete some or all of the old details. Make all the necessary changes and then click on the Save Changes button at the bottom right area of the Edit Customer pop-up panel. BeeKeepPal replaces the old customer record with one that has the updated details you entered. It then shows you a green confirmatory pop-up from the bottom of your display screen. To cancel this process and stop editing the customer record, click on the Cancel button at the bottom right corner of the Edit Customer pop-up panel. You may also use the X close button at the top right corner of the pop-up to terminate the process.