Delete Product or Service

Products and services you no longer offer in your beekeeping operation are best removed from your BeeKeepPal account records. To remove a product or service from your company, view the product or service and use the delete button on the row containing it in the Company Products & Services display page. The Delete icon is represented by a Dustbin at the right hand end of each row showing a respective product or service and its details. Clicking on the Delete icon causes the display to black out and a pop-up display called Remove Product is shown. Confirm that you want to delete the selected item by clicking on the Yes button in the bottom right area of the pop-up display. You then receive a green pop-up message at the bottom of your display screen informing you that the item was successfully deleted. If you wish to abort the process, click on the Cancel button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up or the X close button on the top right corner of the Remove Product pop-up display.