Add Customer

When viewing the Company Customers display page, click on the Add Customer button at the top right end of the page’s title bar. It blacks out the display page and calls up a pop-up display panel. The pop-up display pane is titled Add New Customer.

In the panel, there are fields for you to input the name of the customer, their email address and other relevant information. You are even provided with a means to upload your contract with the customer to BeeKeepPal for easy referencing and safekeeping. The customer contract is accepted if it is in TXT, PDF or DOC file format, and not exceeding eight (8) Megabytes (MB) in size.

Once you have entered all relevant details that you have, click on the Add Customer button at the bottom right area of the pop-up display. If you filled the input fields in the pop-up correctly and with sufficient information, you shortly receive a green confirmatory pop-up letting you know that the customer was added successfully.

If you wish to stop the process of adding a new customer to your BeeKeepPal records, click on the Cancel button on the bottom right corner of the Add New Customer pop-up display. You may also terminate the process by clicking on the X close button at the top right corner of the pop-up.