Record Expense

Expenses are costs to your beekeeping operation. For proper records and accurate analysis of profitability and performance, expenses are recorded. In the BeeKeepPal software, expenses are recorded at two levels; general expenses and beehive-specific expenses. When an expense is specific to a beehive, record it under the Record Expense sub-section in the Beehives section of your BeeKeepPal Apiary Dashboard. Navigate to Beehives section on the sidebar Menu and expand it. Next, click on Record Expense among the displayed sub-sections. A page titled Record Beehive Expense is displayed. On the page are various input fields to enter information about the expense. You are expected to choose one beehive to link the expense to. Other fields you fill in are the price, quantity and name of the product or service you have purchased. The date on the purchase is also filled in. When you are done filling the fields, click on the Record Expense to Hive button at the bottom left corner of the display page. If you are successful, a pop-up shows on the bottom end of the display screen informing you that you have successfully recorded the expense to the respective beehive.