Financial Overview

See the financial overview of your beekeeping in this sub-section. The overview is displayed on a Financial Overview page. On the right hand side end of the title bar, you are provided with two buttons; one Record Revenue button for inputting incomes, and one Record Expense button for inputting costs into the software. Under the title bar, there are several display panels showing the financial summary, fields for filtering data and choosing the scope of reports you want to view, tools for selecting your preferred depth of reports and a graphical representation of financial information.

You are able to filter results and reports by apiary and by beehive. When filtering by Apiary, you can choose from the following views; Year by year, Beehive Breakdown, Apiary Revenues and Apiary Expenses. Filtering by an individual beehive gives you the following view options; Year by Year, Beehive Revenues, Beehive Expenses. The Year by Year view gives you a graphical display of information. The other views by apiary and by beehive show lists of records. Pass your mouse over the graphical bars of any year to see exact figures of expenses, revenues and profits.

The Year by Year graphical display panel has three (3) horizontally stacked bars at its top right corner. Click on these bars to get a drop down menu of extras. The menu displays three (3) options; Download SVG, Download PNG, and Download CSV. It gives you the power to get financial reports in any of the popular file formats for your offline use.

In views that show records in lists, you can edit and delete the records from the Financials Overview page. Each record has action buttons at the right hand side of its row. The action buttons are an edit button represented by a pen icon and a delete button represented by a dustbin icon.