Production Overview

This is the main display page of the production your beekeeping operation has managed. It is shown in various categories depending on your choice. The production overview gives you quick overall statistics of the items your beekeeping production has produced. On the title bar of the page, there is a Record Production button you can use to make new data entries.

Under the title bar in the Production Overview display page, you see an Operation Summary of the Honey, Beeswax, Royal Jelly and Propolis that has been produced in your beekeeping operation in the last year. You can view the statistics of the production of individual products if you want to. Additionally, two menus at the top right area of the display page allow filtering of the displayed production statistics by Apiary and by Beehive. You are therefore able to see how much of each beehive product came from any apiary you have. Beekeepers using BeeKeepPal can also see how much any beehive produced in total and also by individual beehive product.

Under the filter and statistics display panels is a graph that shows various production statistics as you choose them using the filter and view selection panels. This display panel has three (3) horizontally stacked bars at its top right corner. Click on these bars to get a drop down menu of extras. The menu displays three (3) options; Download SVG, Download PNG, and Download CSV. It gives you the power to get production reports in any of the popular file formats for your offline use.

Under this panel in the overview page is a listing of instances when a selected product was harvested from a beehive or apiary and entered into BeeKeepPal. It appears only when you are not viewing the summarized year by year report for either a beehive or an apiary. The panel has a search box for easy finding of selected product production records you are interested in. You can search by beehive name and by the Record Date of an entry.

Records shown in the production records listing at the lower end of the production overview pages can be edited and delete from the action buttons at the right hand side end of the rows they are respectively listed in. These action buttons are represented by icons, a pen for the Edit Production Data button and a dustbin for the Delete Production Data button.