Add Beehive Component

Beehives make use of diverse components to provide suitable habitat for honeybee colonies and meet the expectations of beekeepers too. When you add anew component to a beehive, be sure to add it into the records on BeeKeepPal too. This is possible through the Beehives section on the Sidebar Menu. Navigate to the Beehives section and expand it. In the subsections that are shown, move your mouse pointer to Add Component sub-section and click on it. A page titled Add Beehive Component opens in the main display area. It contains fields for inputting information about the component. You also select one beehive to which you are adding the component. Other fields you fill in include Cost, Manufacturer and Model of the component. You are also able to set a date of purchase/build of the component as well as upload a picture of the component if you have one. When you are done inputting information in the various fields, click on the Add Component to Hive button at the bottom left corner of the display page. If you are successful, a green confirmation pop-up shows at the bottom of the display screen.