Backyard Beekeeping for Beginners

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a beekeeper? Well, the good news is that you don’t need a large piece of land or live in the countryside to keep bees. Backyard beekeeping is a great option for anyone interested in beekeeping as a hobby or for producing your own honey and other beehive products. In this article, we will explore the benefits of backyard beekeeping, important steps to follow when starting, and some of the […]

Why You Need an Apiary Management Software

Running a successful beekeeping operation is easier when you use technology to your advantage. This article looks at why you need an apiary management software as a beekeeper. It also details the features and advantages of using an outstanding apiary management software called BeeKeepPal. This featured outstanding software is made by BeeKeepClub. Modern beekeeping and growth in technological capabilities have given beekeepers different types of software for apiary management. These software applications have varying capabilities. […]

When and How Often to Conduct a Beehive Inspection

Monitoring the health of honeybee colonies is required in beekeeping. It is done in a variable schedule depending on a long list of factors. This article details when and how often you should conduct a beehive inspection. It highlights the factors that you should consider so that you do not miss an important beehive inspection. The major aims of beehive inspections are so that you know the state of the beehive, the health of the […]

Best Weather Conditions for a Beehive Inspection

Inspecting beehives is important to know how honeybee colonies are faring. The best weather conditions for a beehive inspection allow for safe inspection. In bad weather conditions, you risk causing damage to the beehive and the health of the honeybee colony. Consider various weather conditions when scheduling and going out on a beehive inspection. The important conditions to consider include rainfall, snowfall, and environmental temperatures. Beekeepers today have various technologies they use to check the […]

Introducing BeeKeepPal – Your Personal Apiary Management Software

Adapting technology into beekeeping has seen various improvements over time. One of the best of these developments is in management. Apiary management software is today in use helping many beekeepers across the world run their operations with better tracking, recording and pest control. BeeKeepPal is an apiary management software that has been developed after intensive research and study of existing software, the needs of beekeepers and the best conditions for honeybee colonies. It is a […]